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About Me


My Experience

 I started off as a freelance model working throughout California. After urging from my friends, I decided to embark into the lucrative  world of webcam modeling. I quickly discovered that a very steep learning curve is needed to be successful, and not much information is readily available. I want to help newcomers get started and assist experienced broadcasters in growing their skillset in this exciting industry


My Skillset

With a college level education in TV Media and multiple internships in the television industry I possess a solid understanding of technology in both digital and analog formats.  I also have 30+ years experience in sales and marketing training, making me uniquely suited to coach broadcasters on how to best present themselves to their viewers and fans.


My Goals

Create videos that offer Webcam Models, Streamers, Gamers & Content Providers the best opportunity to stay up to date with emerging technology, improve communication skills and maximise their monetization strategy.  The video content is provided through Youtube and personal coaching programs are available though my Patreon Page.

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